New Patient

Thank you for choosing The Retina Group!

  • Please plan for your initial visit to last a minimum of two (2) hours. We will make every effort to start your visit on time, however due to the nature of our specialty practice, which includes emergencies, we sometimes incur delays. We appreciate your patience.
  • Depending on the nature your retinal condition, you may need to undergo diagnostic testing and/or emergent treatment, this may extend your visit longer.
  • Your initial appointment will include the dilation of your pupils, please plan to bring a driver or make arrangements for an escort home.
  • If you have been provided medical records, pictures or other documentation from your referring doctor, please bring them with you.

When you arrive for your first visit please bring the following completed materials:

*Click links to download documents*
Please note all co-pays are due at the time of your appointment. In addition, if you do not have your insurance cards with you at the time of check-in you will be responsible for covering the entire cost your appointment.

Having all of the forms completed prior to your visit will help expedite the check-in process. If you should have any questions prior to your appointment, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Again we thank you for choosing The Retina Group and we look forward to seeing you soon!